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Conveyancing & Property Law

iLaw Barristers & Solicitors can advise you when you buy and sell commercial, industrial or residential property. When purchasing or selling property, you need to understand your rights and obligations with regards to mortgage finance, contracts of sale, disclosure statements and property legislation.

Our services and advice cover commercial, industrial, retail and residential real estate as well as personal property and other assets:

  • All forms of settlements and conveyancing
  • All forms of mortgage whether chattels or real property
  • Commercial, industrial or retail leases
  • Developments
  • Domestic leases
  • Due Diligence
  • Sale of Goods
  • Sale or Purchase of real property including Strata Title
  • Sale or Purchase of a business or shares in a business
  • Sales or Leasing of plant and equipment including aircraft and aircraft components
  • Strata Title disputes