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Beware of Social Networks if you are getting Divorced October 2013
Extraordinary Driver Licence (EDL) May 2013
Parentage Tests February 2013
Divorce Applications December 2012
Family Law: Property and Financial Matters October 2012
The Importance of Enduring Powers August 2012
Just Separated - Whats Next? March 2011
Child Support Agreements February 2011
Trade Marks February 2011
Leasing a premises for business use February 2011
Parenting Orders January 2011
Unfair Dismissal under the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code January 2011
Possession of Drugs & Possession with Intent December 2010
The Importance Of A Will December 2010
Appraising the Success of the Internet Governance Forum [PDF] © 2008 Jeremy Malcolm
Reform of the Internet Governance Forum [PDF] © 2006 Jeremy Malcolm
Privacy Issues with VoIP Telephony © 2005 Jeremy Malcolm
Software Patents, the FTA and the End of All Things © 2005 Jeremy Malcolm
What Business Needs to Know about Open Source Software Law © 2004 Jeremy Malcolm
Australia's Stand on Spam © 2004 Jeremy Malcolm
Dark Shadows of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement © 2004 Jeremy Malcolm
Could SCO v IBM Happen to You? © 2004 Jeremy Malcolm
A New Benchmark in Damages for Internet Defamation © 2003 Jeremy Malcolm
The Real Deal on Software Patents © 2003 Jeremy Malcolm
The Square Pegs of Intellectual Property Law © 2003 Jeremy Malcolm
SCO v IBM - Lessons for Developers © 2003 Jeremy Malcolm
Recent Developments in Australian Spam Law © 2003 Jeremy Malcolm
Practical Email Security for Lawyers © 2002 Jeremy Malcolm
Who Owns Where Domain Name Policy and Law Collide [PDF] © 2001 Jeremy Malcolm
10 Things ISPs Don't Know About the Law © 2001 Jeremy Malcolm
Opinion: APRA v Telstra (PDF format, 306k) © 1998 Jeremy Malcolm

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Multi-Stakeholder Governance and the Internet Governance Forum © 2008 Jeremy Malcolm
Multi-Stakeholder Public Policy Governance and its Application to the Internet Governance Forum © 2007 Jeremy Malcolm
Do Corporations Have Rights? © 1994 Jeremy Malcolm

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